Soko J-22 Orao

//Soko J-22 Orao
Type Attack Aircraft
First Flight October 31st 1974
Price NA
Variants Ij-22, INJ-22 NJ-22, J-22 Orao 2
Costumers and Operators Bosnia, Serbia,
Manufacture SOKO
Powerplant 2x Orao,/Turbomacenia Rolls-Royce Viper Turbojet
Maximum Speed 586kt (1,086km/h)
Combat Radius 248 nm (460km)
Thrust to Weight Ratio NA
G Limit NA
Service Ceiling 49,210 ft (15,000m )
Aspect Ratio NA
Maximum Take of Weight 24,427 lb (11,080 kg )
Length 43 ft 5in (13.2m )
Height 14ft 11in (4.5m )
Wing Span 32ft 8in (10.0m )
Payload 3,307lb (1,500kg )
Hardpoints 5
Armerment 2x 23mm GSH-23L cannons, AGM-65 Mavrick, Kh-23, BL-755, Matra Durandal
Avionics None


The Soko J-22 was designed for the Yugoslavian Air Force and built in conjunction with the Romanian IAR-93 Vulture. The aircraft functions primarily as a light attack aircraft and is capable of deploying a wide array of air to ground weapons. The J-22 serves in both Bosnia and Serbia’s Air Forces.


Air to Air

The GSH-23 can used against helicopters and slow flying aircraft.

Air to Ground

The J-22 has a robust air to ground capability being able to deploy unguided bombs and guided air to ground missiles. The GSH-23L can also be used to strafe ground targets.