The latest defense information at your fingertips

Gladius Defense & Security Global Military Guides provide industry experts, defense professionals and warfighters with detailed entries on all of today’s military equipment. Users can rapidly search and gather through needed information on platforms and systems to ensure mission success. The following products below are available for purchase.

For Demo:

Gladius Modern Military Aircraft Guide

  • Assess capabilities
  • Stay ahead of industry trends
  • Detailed specifications and recognition
  • Helicopters and UAVs
  • Market history of all platforms
  • Use for both training and simulations

Gladius Tanks and Land Systems  Guide

  • Modern battle tanks and fighting vehicles
  • Light vehicles
  • Military and police vehicles
  • Towed artillery and rockets

Gladius Missile Systems Guide 

  • Capability profiles
  • Detailed specifications
  • Ballistic missiles and Surface to air missiles
  • Comparison charts to help assess capabilities

Gladius Infantry and Tactical Equipment Guide

  • Small arms and heavy weapons
  • Body Armour and Helmets
  • Used for law enforcement and military applications
  • The perfect tool for All Source Analyst
  • Easy to grab information
  • Assess capabilities