US Army to Adopt the G-28 to Replace The M-110

///US Army to Adopt the G-28 to Replace The M-110

By Bijan Razzaghi
The US Army have decided to purchase the Heckler & Koch G-28 Marksmen Rifle to replace the current M-110. The G-28 was introduced as the HK-417 in 2008. Made in Germany the HK-417 is a larger 7.62mm chambered development of the HK-416 assault rife.
The G-28 offers exceptional mobility do to its collapsable stock. The mobility allows US Army marksman to move with rifleman without difficulty. The G-28s appearance as a battle rifle can also confuse the enemy in a similar fashion as the Marine Corps M-27.
The G-28 weighs 9.3 lbs and has a muzzle velocity between 750 and 800 meters. The rifle is semi auto allowing for high rates of sustained precision fire. The G-28 is likely to be incorporated into US Army Squads by the end of the year depending on the accusation process. The HK-417 is currently being used by US Special Operations Forces.