Russia Tested its Kh-47  Air Launched Missile on the Mig-31

///Russia Tested its Kh-47  Air Launched Missile on the Mig-31

By Bijan Razzaghi
Russia has recently tested the KH-47M2 hypersonic missile from one of their Aerospace Force’s Mig-31 Foxhounds. The missile is reported to have a range of 1200 miles and can fly at speeds as fast as Mach 10. The missile can use both nuclear and conventional t warheads.
If the missiles capabilities are accurate it can be fired from undenied air space into denied airspace. This gives the Russian Aerospace Force a capability similar to the US Air Forces AGM-86. Mach 3 capable Mig-31s are the ideal delivery platform which it self as a combat Radius of 780 nmi (nautical miles). The Kh-47M2 is reported to be capable of autonomous evasive maneuvers.
Russia has improved and modernized its military capabilities over the past ten years introducing several new systems. Russia has also sought to improve its power projection capabilities through air power and stand off weapons.