North Korean Denuclearization to Improve Stability in the Pacific Region 

///North Korean Denuclearization to Improve Stability in the Pacific Region 

By Bijan Razzaghi
The end of the Korean War and North Koreas plan to denuclearize is likely to lead to a much stable peninsula and greatly reduce the risk of armed conflict. North Korea has also not made it a requirement for US forces to leave the region as part of the peace deal. Tensions were at an all time high in the summer of 2017 when US nuclear forces were on high alert.
North Korea tested the Hwasong 15  ICBM in November of 2017 which has the range to hit the mainland United States. According to Kim Jung Un reaching the mainland United States was his regimes goal, and now that North Korea possesses that capability he can denuclearize. North Korea also pledged to halt missile testing as well. The regime has also emphasized its desire to shift its focus from military to economy.
The new found peace in the region will bring about improved security for Japan, and international shipping routes in the region. Despite the denuclearization North Korea still possesses chemical and biological weapons that can be deployed via artillery shells or combat aircraft. If tensions were ever to resurface the focus will be countering those unconventional capabilities.
The focus of the US and its allies will likely shift to defending Tiawan from China’s expansion in the region including the South China Sea and Taiwan Straits.