North Korea update 

///North Korea update 

By Bijan Razzaghi
With the recent missile test in North Korea including the KN-20 ICBM which has the potential to reach Chicago the United States Air Force have conducted a flyby near the Korean Peninsula.see  The flyby included two B-1B Lancer bombers which also conducted a recent flyby over the South China Sea.
If a war with North Korea ever broke out the B-1B would be among the first aircraft employed as it has a range of 5100nm ,and a standoff capability with the AGM-158 JASSM-ER to engage targets at 620 miles away. US forces would also employ the stealth B-2 bombers along with ship launched Tomahawk cruise missiles.Tensions have been high with North Korea after a series of missile test that led to the successful test of the KN-20. This makes North Korea the third advisory military after Russia and China that has the capability to strike US territory. North Korea has also been working on submarine launched missiles, which can also present a significant threat if they can approach US waters undetected. North Korea has been improving its military capabilities since Kim Jung Un took power in 2012. This includes the recent display of KH-35 anti ship missiles which can travel at low altitudes and give off a small radar signature. This presents a significant threat to allied naval vessels.
So far the Korean War remains cold yet it is the most volatile flashpoint in the world at the moment. With continued missile test there remains the possibility for escalation and conflict.