J-20 armament display shows major air superiority role

//J-20 armament display shows major air superiority role

By Bijan Razzaghi


During the China International & Aviation Exibition the J-20 displayed its internal baydoors for the first time showing four PL-15 air to air missiles and two Pl-10 air to air missiles. The air to air load hinted a air superiority role similar to that of the F-22A Raptor which counters previous theories that the J-20 was a stealth strike aircraft. The J-20 also employs the KLJ-5 AESA radar and EORD-31 IRST potentially giving the aircraft the ability to track and engage low observable aircraft.


In addition to the weapons load and sensors the J-20 is said to have a thrust to weight ratio of 1.0 and above as well as a maximum speed of Mach 2.5. J-20s have recently taken part of PLA Air Force training exercises alongside Su-30MKKs and J-11Bs. The J-20s air to ground capability has not yet been confirmed yet some reports suggest the LS-6 laser guided bomb can be employed. The J-20s g load factor has not yet been released making the aircrafts maneuverability unknown.


The J-20 will likely not be sold on the export market any time soon as some technologies on the aircraft remain sensitive. China’s other stealth fighter the FC-31 was also demonstrated at the China International & Aviation Exhibition. The FC-31 on the other hand will most likely be China’s stealth fighter on the export market.


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