Israeli Air Force Strikes T-4 Airbase in Syria 

///Israeli Air Force Strikes T-4 Airbase in Syria 

It has been confirmed that the IAF have struck targets in and around Tiyas airbase or T-4. Details of the strike are still unknown but it likely involved hitting targets related to the recent chemical attack and Syrian Air Force strike aircraft. T-4 is where Syria’s 819 and 837 squadrons are based. These two squadrons operate the Su-22M3 and Su-24 strike aircraft which are capable of deploying chemical weapons as well as laser guided Kh-25 and 29 missiles.
The strike consisted of at least two F-15Is which fired missiles from the safety of Lebanese airspace. The AGM-154 JSOW is likely the weapon used as it has a range of 70 nautical miles and is GPS guided. Previously Israeli aircraft conducted operations inside Syrian airspace where a F-16I was shot down by a surface to air missile. Syria has a robust air defense network that utilizes the BUK, SA-8, Pantsir and S-200 surface to air missiles. In addition Russia has deployed S-300 and S-400 missiles of its own making Syria’s airspace heavily contested around Pro Assad strongholds.
Syrian airspace is also patrolled by Mig-29s and Russian Su-30/35s which would require Coalition or Israeli strike packages to deploy with top cover fighter escorts such as the F-15C and F-22A.
The strike is likely a initial response to the recent chemical weapons attack on the Damascus Suburb of Douma this past weekend.