First Brazilian Air Force Gripen E takes flight

///First Brazilian Air Force Gripen E takes flight

Source: Saab

The first Gripen E for the Brazilian Air Force took flight on August 26th, 2019. The flight lasted 65 minutes and is the first production aircraft that will be used in joint Swedish and Brazilian test flights to prepare for (IOC) initial operational capability. The aircraft’s serial number is 39-6001. The Brazilian Air Force will designate the Gripen E F-39.


The Saab F-39E Gripen will be Brazil’s first new supersonic fighter since the introduction of the now-retired Mirage 2000 in 2007. The F-39E Gripen will replace the F-5E Tiger and AMX in the Brazilian Air Force service. The primary mission of the F-39 will be tasked in the air defense, close air support, interdiction, and anti-shipping role.


The Saab Gripen E is an evolutionary development of the Saab Gripen C that was introduced into service in 1997, the Gripen E adds several new features including a touch screen cockpit, an ES-05 AESA radar, IRST, and conformal fuel tanks. The Gripen E is powered by the GE F414 turbofan and utilizes a Martin Banker MK10 ejection seat.


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