Gladius Command Center Changelog February 5th, 2020

//Gladius Command Center Changelog February 5th, 2020

Gladius Global Aircraft Guide

  • Combined AW139 military and civilian pages into a single reference page.
  • Updated V-280 Valor VTOL page to reflect program history and future.
  • Updated V-22 Osprey VTOL page to reflect program history.
  • Added mission critical sensors section to B-1B Lancer Strategic Bomber page.


Gladius Land Warfare

  • Update ACV-15 with an interim battlefield assessment about the vehicle’s deployment to Libya.


Gladius Tactical Equipment

  • Added updated Technical Sheet information (Country of Origin, Fire Modes, Action) to all existing firearms in database and updated comparison chart information to reflect these changes.
    • Note: A merger of the M16 series, Galil, AK, UMP, MP5, Imbel FAL Knockoffs, P226, AUG, Type 56, Makarov, and SVD pages are pending. These pages and the weapon’s information have been left unchanged because of this. Work to improve the MAGPUL ACR and Remington 870 pages also are pending as we further research these weapons.
  • Updated M4 Carbine page to reflect the weapon’s use by Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist group.
    • Note: We are assuming this group uses the Norinco CQ-A Carbine, which is currently listed under this page due to its status as an unlicensed copy of the M4.


Gladius Missile Systems

  • Added Gladius 2020 Battlefield Assessments to Qiam-1 page to reflect observations from Iranian ballistic missile attack against Erbil International Airport.
  • Updated Zolfaghar SRBM technical sheet with corrected length information.
    • We also have decided to tentatively list the missile’s payload information as 1,322.8 pounds (600kg), which is the same estimate we are using for the Fateh-110C, while we gather more information for our Battlefield Assessment of this missile.
  • Updated UGM-133 Trident D5/Trident II page
    • Added new photo to identification photo list (Pictured above).
    • Update technical sheet to reflect the use of the W76-2 Nuclear Warhead on these missiles.
    • Clarified the use of W76-1 Nuclear Warheads by these missiles and corrected kiloton yield information to allow for consistence with the Ohio-class SSBN page.


Gladius Warships and Naval Systems

  • Ohio-class SSBN updates
    • Updated technical information to reflect the use of the W76-2 Nuclear Warhead by the submarine’s UGM-133 Trident II SLBM.
    • Edited technical information and capability assessment to reflect the use of the W76-1 Nuclear Warhead with corrected kiloton yield.
    • Edited technical sheet and capability assessment to reflect the correct number of MIRVed warheads carried by the UGM-133 Trident II SLBM to allow for consistency between GWNS and GMS databases.