First H145M delivered to Serbia

///First H145M delivered to Serbia

Source: Airbus Helicopters

Serbia has taken delivery of the first H145M light multi role helicopters and Belgrade will become the official maintenance hub for the Airbus SA351 and SA342 Gizzele’s. The expanded partnership provides Serbia’s army with an effective western light attack helicopter capable of providing transport for Special Operations Forces.

The H145Ms delivered to Belgrade include ballistic protection, fast ropes for rapid insertion, fire suppression systems and electronic countermeasures. Armaments being acquired include rocket pods, gun pods and ATGMs.

The H145M will serve alongside the Gizzele, Mi-24 Hind and Mi-8 Hip. Serbia’s military traditionally consists of Russian equipment, but at times have acquired European technologies such as the Rolls Royce Viper Jet used on the Soko J-22.

In addition to the H145M, Serbias ministry of interior has acquired three H215s for executive transport duties.

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