Dassault-Airbus FCAS model unveiled at Paris Airshow

//Dassault-Airbus FCAS model unveiled at Paris Airshow

A mock up of the Dassault-Airbus FCAS (Future Combat Air Systems) was unveiled at the 2019 Paris Air show. The 6th generation fighter program currently consists of France, Germany and Spain. The aircraft will be optionally manned and have the ability to buddy with UCAVs.


The FCAS will eventually assume the role of the Eurofighter Typhoon , Rafale and EF-18 Hornet. The projected IOC is 2040 allowing for 20 years of development and research as new technologies become available.


The FCAS is the second 6th generation design to be unveiled with the Tempest being unveiled at Faranbough in 2018. Common 6th generation technologies include the ability to be optionally manned, augmented reality and control UCAVs. The Tempest has a projected IOC in 2035.


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