Oshkosh Defense L-ATV for the British Army?

///Oshkosh Defense L-ATV for the British Army?

Britain’s Army has recently shown interest purchasing the L-ATV as the primary tactical vehicle to replace the existing Husky,Foxhound and Panther Vehicles currently in service. The L-ATV currently priced at $560,000 will not be fully operation until 2018 with the US Military as it replaced the Humvee and supplements the interim MRAP solution. L-ATVs are perfect for the British army which requires a tactical vehicle with the same level of protection as the previous MRAPs but with added mobility.

The L-ATVs design allows the vehicle to circumvent terrain without the risk of turning over or getting stuck thanks to an improved suspension,while the crew can employ all the vehicles weapons systems from the safety of inside the vehicle. L-ATVs can employ 12.7 mm and  7.62 mm machine guns as well as 40mm Grenade lunches. It is likely that Javelins and TOW missiles will be added. The British army would benefit in using one primary vehicle to fill the role that as previously taken by three vehicles and using one vehicle will drastically cut the cost.

Although so sale has been made export will benefit the L-ATVs production and ultimately reduce hte price. Once a sale is made it is likely there will be more export costumers,those who were pleased with the M-ATVs performance particularly in Arab country’s will likely opt for the fallow up vehicle which uses a lot of the same design charecteritics.