US Marine Corp to Equip Rifleman With M-27 IAR

///US Marine Corp to Equip Rifleman With M-27 IAR

By Bijan Razzaghi
The US Marine Corp have purchased an additional 54,000 M27s. Originally chosen as a fire support weapon to replace the M-249 SAW the M-27 became popular among riflemen due to its muzzle velocity and accuracy.
Currently the primary infantry weapon of the Marine Corp is the M-4A1 which replaced the M-16A4 in 2016. The M-27 offers the mobility of the M-4 and has an effective range of 700 meters, 100 more than the M-4. The M-27 also has a higher rate of fire at 36 round per minute. This allows the M-27 to function as a light machine gun in full auto mode or a DMR in single shot mode.
The M-27 is a Variant of the German made HK-416 which is widely used by Special Operations Forces. The only difference between the M-27 and the variant used by Special Operations Forces is the M-27 has a 16.5 inch barrel.
M-27 IARs are often equipped with Marine standard issue accessories, such as the TA31RCO ACOG scope. Bipods, Grips and Suppressers are also added based on the mission profile.
The additional M-27s is a shift by the Marine corp to Equip their infantry with the latest weapon systems and platforms available. The M-27 will increase the Marine squads accuracy and fire power if it fully replaces the M-4.