CBRN and Medical PPE Guide (Coming Soon!)

/CBRN and Medical PPE Guide (Coming Soon!)
CBRN and Medical PPE Guide (Coming Soon!)

The Gladius CBRN and Medical PPE Equipment Guide are designed to provide users with detailed descriptions and analysis of CBRN Protection equipment and Medical PPE.  In the event of bio-attack, chemical attack or pandemic first responders, analysts, medical professionals, and military personnel can utilize this guide to understand the capabilities of protective equipment and utilize it. (Through the duration of the Covid-19 Crisis the CBRN and Medical PPE equipment guide will be free to use.

  • Respirators
  • Mask and Protective Gear
  • Medical PPE
  • MOPP Levels and Hazmat suits
  • Virus information
  • Bio threat information
  • Chemical threat information