What we do

An Aerospace and Defense consultancy based in Washington DC Gladius provides a number of products and services designed especially to support the armed forces, first responders, law enforcement, counter-terrorism, the medical community, and academia. Our vast array of capabilities are listed below.

Aircraft and UAV Supplier

Gladius provides armed forces, law enforcement, and first responders as well as commercial clients fixed-wing, rotary-wing and unmanned aircraft. These aircraft are both surplus and come directly from OEMs. In addition to providing aircraft Gladius can source parts, NVIS systems, crews and provide training solutions.

Information Services and Intelligence Guides

Gladius Defense & Security has created several military and aerospace guides providing in-depth analysis, specifications, inventory data and other critical information on all the world’s aircraft and weapon systems.  Our ever-expanding online information guides provide everyone from the warfighter to academia up to date information on equipment being employed today on land, sea, air, and space.  Gladius can provide information guides for both individual and widespread use. Gladius analyst are highly skilled passionate defense professionals determined to provide the most in-depth easy to use defense information guide out there today.



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